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Even Atlas Needs Help is the home of Jayme Barkdoll's Creative Writing classes.

Gay Talese, University of Alabama alumnus and prolific journalist, talks about the importance of research and knowledge as it relates to overcoming the restraints of non-fiction writing. “No, I didn’t make it up. I just knew it very, very, very well… to write about ordinary people as if they were, in the imagination of the fiction writer, extraordinary.”

Poem of the Moment: “Anvils (Dear America)” by Michael Lee

The poems on this blog will attest to this. At times, you may find the poems misguided, poorly-conceived, technically unsound, juvenile, and possibly even offensive. Other times, you may find yourself astounded, excited, impressed, blown-away and picking your jaw up from the floor, as I have countless times over the past few years. They are raw. They are beautiful. They are thought-provoking. They are real. Most of all, they are just like the students themselves.
- Barkdoll